Roshanak Khalilian

Roshanak Khalilian

 Iranian born Swiss artist who

studied in Iran for her BA and still continues her

studies in Art and its Histories with Open university of UK.

She has lived and traveled extensively

throughout the Middle East and Europe,

and now lives in Switzerland with her family.

Different cultures and their interpretations of happiness

and life has been her main inspiration to pursue art as means

of demonstrating emotions. She believes that colors can tell tales.

Abstraction is her language to employ the colors, shapes with

different mediums and techniques to transfer the captivated

fragments of human nature and its positive attitudes.

She has developed her own mix media in addition to her

ink works titled as "Mind Games".

Her style portrays the universality of human nature and their

simplistic and immediate characteristics, painting has

been her tools to combine eastern and western art

forms and colors to illustrate the collective human nature.

Roshanak Khalilian iraniana di nascita e residente in Svizzera, ha studiato in Iran e continua gli studi in storia dell'arte attualmente con la Open University of UK. Ha vissuto e viaggiato per tutta l' Europa e il Medio Oriente e ora vive in Svizzera con la sua famiglia. Lei crede che i colori possano raccontare delle favole: l'astrazione è il suo modo di impiegarli e il suo stile ritrae l'universalità della natura umana nelle sue caratteristiche immediate e semplicistiche. La pittura è stata lo strumento per combinare le forme e i colori dell'arte orientale e occidentale per illustrare l' intera natura umana.

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