Dori Milano

Dori Milano

Born in 1989 in Eilat, Israel.

He completed his high school education with an honors in Graphic Design, and at the age of 22, after serving in the Israeli military, he moved to Italy to study Industrial Design.

In 2015, he graduated with a degree in Industrial Product Design from the Politecnico di Milano.

In 2016, he opened the Dori Milano Studio, which specializes in lighting fixtures, development, and production.

At a young age, he discovered a great desire for shapes and materials, which lead to his interest in handcrafts and creativity.

Today, Dori defines himself as a "designer-maker." His work is a combination of design and art, between mass production and unique items, between industrial and prestige materials, and always accompanied by sources of inspiration drawn mainly from nature and the female beauty.

His most passionate work revolves around lighting. To him, a lamp is "the star of every space, it defines the atmosphere, the energy and its ability to make it more interesting"

Along the way, Dori has developed extensive knowledge in the manufacturing process, from craft work to mass production with advanced technologies.

All of the products are produced in a limited series. The passion for the production processes and the fact that he works with various materials everyday, allows him to study how materials function uniquely. He studies its virtues and limitations, where the border blurs he sets the tone and recreates.

"When I design a new product, I already know exactly how I'm going to produce it. The manufacturing process is an integral part of the design process" - Dori Milano

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